– Junior Pre Wobbler –

In our Junior Pre-Wobbler room, we have created an environment that is inviting and stimulating. As the Junior Pre-Wobblers are developing their sense of self, we provide them with the tools to encourage their natural curiosity. The environment is filled with resources that encourage the children to learn through play. Our Junior Pre-Wobbler room provides the children with equipment to enhance emotional development, social interaction and physical activity. We focus on creating independence and follow a child lead curriculum.

We incorporate activities that promote hand/eye coordination and sensory development as this is the main way that young children learn through. We involve parents in our daily routine and welcome siblings to come for visits throughout the day. Our walls feature family pictures alongside their artwork. Group activities such as story time, songs and creative artwork encourage social and emotional development and help develop their confidence. Our Junior Pre-Wobblers also get to visit our garden where they can explore our garden toys and many different textures. When the sun shines we often have ‘pool parties’ in our garden and spend time splashing in the water.

Meal times are supervised by staff and we encourage the Junior Pre-Wobblers to feed themselves when they can. We have highchairs for our younger Junior Pre-Wobblers and low chairs and tables for our older Junior Pre-Wobblers. Meal times can be a messy affair but we encourage the Junior Pre-Wobblers to explore the texture of the food while they eat.

Our sleep room provides the Junior Pre-Wobblers with a safe and relaxing environment for the Junior Pre-Wobblers to rest in while being observed regularly by our staff.