– Montessori Room –

The aim of the Montessori room is to prepare the children for their next adventure of big school. We try to instil confidence, independence and concentration. We have a Montessori work cycle in the morning times where we guide the children with the Montessori materials. These materials are to improve the childs fine and gross motor skills, indirectly prepare the child for reading and writing and to develop a holistic well-being.


The five areas of Montessori are:


Practical life:

The aim of practical life is to develop essential skills for everyday life. The aim of the materials is to indirectly develop concentration, independence and confidence. These exercises include pouring, spooning and other skills that refine fine motor skills


Sensorial work is discrimination of colour, texture, sound, smell etc. Many of these activities also introduce maths concepts e.g. cube root, length etc.


The language material, like all Montessori work is done sensorially. We introduce tracing sounds through our sandpaper letters. This progresses to more complex language work using phonetic sounds.


Maths work is about understanding relationships and forming abstractions through the use of physical materials. This leads the children to understanding maths concepts. As with many materials, the maths work are often self-correcting, allowing the child to see if they make a mistake and correct it themselves.

Cultural work:

Cultural work helps introduce the children to the world they live in. we explore maps of the world, different cultures and traditions around the world.