– Wobbler Room –

The Children in the wobbler room have really developed their little personalities and language usually starts to explode. The Wobblers are full of energy and our activities are catered to this. Their attention span and concentration levels have generally increased so circle time is often a time full of songs, story time and flashcards.

We encourage independence and invite the children to select their own toys to play with. Our curriculum is based on child lead activities and we actively encourage the children to lead their own learning.

The wobblers often start to form strong bonds with their peers and it is lovely to see friendships being developed. Often, the children join together to play in small groups or maybe complete a jigsaw together. This is great for developing social skills as the children learn the basics of sharing, and working together. Role play is hugely popular in the wobbler room, we provide the resources for the children to create their own little worlds!

The wobblers have their rest in the classroom after lunch. The younger children can have a rest in our cots, while the older children will rest on the child sized beds.